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diablo 2 exp cd key
  Target-x17, Oct 08 2013

anyone got one lieing around? lost mine wanna play with friend and i know you is nice people

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The neilly legend is back
  Target-x17, Aug 21 2013

This site is dead gotta spice it up and drag neilly back in.
Hes back grinding on stars since august 15.
567 $26.24 -11.1% -$3.11 -$1,766

Not even a downswing but for neilly hes probably raging on some other forum. I say we get him back home come on neilly we love and hate you but we need your entertainment

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wpt montreal stake
  Target-x17, Apr 24 2013

Going to montreal this weekend for my first live tourneys. Going to be buying in to the small events myself. Not sure im staying for the main but you never know I could hook up with a poker buddy and share a room or heat up. SO If I do stay any interest in buying last minute shares of the 3000+300 main at no markup? Sharkscopes being lame right now so Ill post graphs later im up almost 40k in tournaments this year on pokerstars and been near the top of the leaderboard all year

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